Accelchain ensures the integrity of smart contracts by initiating the testing process at the compiler level. The platform incorporates a sophisticated built-in compiler setup that functions independently for each user and contract, showcasing basic Solidity errors directly within the IDE.

Within the left Navbar of the IDE, users can access the compiler settings, unlocking a range of functionalities for seamless compilation.

Contract Selection

Users can conveniently select the desired contract from those available in the project folder, streamlining the compilation process for targeted testing.

Solidity Version Matching

Accelchain allows users to match the Solidity version of the compiler with that of the selected contract, ensuring compatibility and accurate compilation.

Compilation and Error Display

Upon compilation, any errors are prominently displayed within the IDE. Hovering the mouse over an error provides users with a detailed description, aiding in the identification and understanding of potential issues.

Manual Error Resolution:

Accelchain offers developers the flexibility to manually address compilation errors, fostering hands-on control over the correction process. Fixes can be applied directly from the IDE.

App currently uses a fixed version Solidity compiler version set at 0.8.19. Automated Solidity Version Matching and independent version selection for individual contracts are under testing and will be released soon in the next update. Stay tuned!

'Ask AI'

For enhanced error resolution, users can leverage Accelchain's innovative 'Ask AI' feature. By clicking on the 'i' icon next to the error in the IDE, developers trigger an in-depth analysis. 'Ask AI' takes into account both the contract and compiler errors, providing a detailed insight into the nature of the error, along with actionable suggestions. Additionally, the feature provides the fixed code which can be updated by the user as it is, facilitating a streamlined and efficient error resolution process.

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