Automated Validation

Automated validation eliminates the time-intensive and error-prone manual validation process by automating the generation of test cases and associated test data. By automating the validation process, Accelchain ensures close to 100% code coverage within minutes, significantly reducing the risk of bugs and vulnerabilities.

Types of Validation

  1. Unit Validation:

    • Validates the business logic of individual functions within the smart contract.

  2. Integration Validation:

    • Validates the behavior of interactions between different functions within the smart contract.

  3. System Validation:

    • Validates the behavior of interactions between the smart contract and external web2 and web3 applications.

Automated Validation Process

  1. Selection of Contract and Functions:

    • Users can choose the contract and specific functions they want to validate using Accelchain's intuitive interface.

  2. Automated Test Case Generation:

    • Accelchain automatically generates test cases (both positive and negative scenarios) for the selected functions.

  3. Test Data Generation:

    • Associated test data is automatically generated to cover various combinations of input arguments, function callers, and contract owners.

  4. Execution and Result Analysis:

    • The generated test cases are executed, and the results are analyzed to ensure the expected behavior of the smart contract functions.

    • The execution status (completed or reverted) is displayed, providing users with insights into the performance of their smart contracts.

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