Edit/Customise Smart Contracts

Accelchain empowers developers with a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE), offering extensive capabilities for refining and customizing smart contracts.

Feature-Rich IDE

Accelchain's IDE offers a comprehensive suite of tools for developers to seamlessly edit and customize smart contracts created using built-in modules or the Generative AI. This feature-rich environment enhances the developer's ability to fine-tune contract logic and functionality.

AI-Generated Functions

For users requiring additional functions, Accelchain's IDE integrates with the Generative AI. Developers can prompt the AI with a description of the desired function, and the AI generates the code. The resulting functions are presented in a list on the right navbar, alongside prebuilt functions, allowing for easy drag-and-drop integration into the contract.

Upload Imports

Accelchain's project structure revolves around user-generated contracts, providing the flexibility to import external contracts, such as OpenZeppelin contracts or others. This allows users to enhance their smart contracts by seamlessly uploading dependency contracts, ensuring a modular and extensible approach to development.

Compiler Integration

Accelchain's IDE is intricately linked with the Solidity compiler. Developers have the flexibility to choose the Solidity version for compilation. The smart contract is then compiled within the IDE, and any errors or issues are highlighted directly in the code, streamlining the debugging process.

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