Our Story

The journey to Accelchain began long before the first line of code was written or the first smart contract was deployed. Our story is one of innovation, transformation, and a relentless drive to empower developers and businesses within the blockchain ecosystem.

The Early Days: Our founding team brought together over 30 years of combined experience in developing platforms for developer automation, used by more than 2 million users worldwide. Our initial venture was into the world of Web2, where we created the industry's first AI-based autonomous testing platform. This platform, leveraging NLP, machine vision, and transformers, revolutionized how quality and reliability were ensured in software applications. Our success caught the attention of Sauce Labs, leading to an acquisition in 2021. This milestone was not the end but a new beginning.

A New Direction: The acquisition introduced us to the burgeoning world of NFTs and blockchain applications. It became immediately clear that while the potential was enormous, the tools and infrastructure needed to unlock this potential were lagging. The challenges developers faced in the blockchain space mirrored those we had already conquered in Web2, yet the stakes were higher and the solutions fewer.

The Birth of Accelchain: Inspired by our insights and experiences, and driven by a vision to democratize blockchain development, we founded Accelchain. Our goal was clear: to create a Gen AI-based devops and security cloud platform that empowers developers, founders, and product managers to build, test, audit, and deploy blockchain applications with ease. By removing the barriers of coding, we aimed to make blockchain development as simple as describing what you want to build in a few words.

Empowering Through Technology: Accelchain is built on the foundation of our past achievements and lessons learned. It represents the culmination of our expertise in AI, automation, and a deep understanding of the needs of developers. With Accelchain, we're not just creating a platform; we're fostering a community of innovators, ready to explore the untapped potential of blockchain technology.

Looking Ahead: Our story continues as we expand our support for various blockchain technologies, constantly enhance our AI tools and security features, and strengthen our partnerships. The journey of Accelchain is one of ongoing evolution, driven by a commitment to innovation, security, and accessibility. We're excited for what the future holds and invite you to join us in shaping the next chapter of blockchain development.

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