Build using AI

Accelchain's innovative AI-driven approach to smart contract development streamlines the coding process, providing a rapid and user-friendly experience.

User-Prompt Interaction

Accelchain's AI initiates a two-step process, starting with a user prompt to comprehend the smart contracts intended use case.

The accuracy and relevance of the AI-generated list and descriptions depend heavily on the quality of the user's prompt. Providing a well-defined prompt enhances the AI's ability to deliver precise and tailored results.

Functions List and Descriptions

After processing the prompt, the AI generates a list of functions with detailed descriptions tailored to the user's use case. Users then select the specific functions they require for their contract from the list.

Complete Contract Generation

Based on the selected functions, Accelchain's AI dynamically generates a complete smart contract. Users are seamlessly directed to the contract edit page within the integrated development environment (IDE), where the generated contract is ready for further customisation.

Accelchain's AI, while proficient in generating functions and contracts, is not currently configured for automatic contract imports. If imports are necessary, users can customize the contract in the IDE and upload imported contracts into the project structure.

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