Build using Modules

Accelchain simplifies smart contract creation through its built-in modules, offering a versatile range of options tailored for different blockchain functionalities.

New Contract Generation

Accelchain provides a suite of built-in modules catering to various blockchain needs:

  • NFTs: ERC721, ERC721A, ERC1155

  • Tokens: ERC20

  • Specialized Modules: NFT Marketplace, Airdrops, Swaps, DAO, and more.

Customize with Sub-Modules

Each module comes equipped with feature-rich submodules. For instance, the NFT ERC721 module includes a configurable royalty bonus submodule. These submodules are conveniently drag-and-drop configurable on the UI, automatically incorporating the necessary code into the contract.

Built around Stable Openzeppelin Contracts

To ensure both security and comprehensive functionality, Accelchain's modules and submodules leverage stable OpenZeppelin contracts. These contracts are essential imports, providing a secure foundation for smart contract development.

Customization for Specific Projects: While these modules offer powerful out-of-the-box solutions, they may require minor customizations based on the unique requirements of each project. Documentation detailing these customization processes is available to guide developers through the tailored adaptation of modules for specific projects.

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