Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Where Code Comes to Life

Accelchain's IDE is a sophisticated environment designed for the review and interaction with your smart contracts. It facilitates a seamless transition from contract generation to deployment, offering a suite of tools tailored for smart contract development.

Run Button 🏃:

Situated on the right side of the IDE, the Run button enables immediate execution of your smart contract within the IDE. This feature is essential for testing your contract's functionality and ensuring it performs as expected.

Run Audit Button 🛡️:

Next to the Run button, the Run Audit feature conducts a thorough analysis of your smart contract, identifying potential security vulnerabilities. This preemptive audit is crucial for enhancing the contract's security and reliability.

Edit Button 🖋️:

The IDE also includes an Edit button, allowing for direct modification of your smart contract. Whether it's adding new features or refining existing code, this tool ensures your contract remains adaptable and up to date.

Deploy Button 🚀:

Positioned at the top right corner, the Deploy button is your gateway to launching your smart contract on the blockchain. Accelchain supports a diverse range of networks, providing the flexibility to choose the best fit for your project. Deployment is facilitated through a connected wallet, ensuring a secure and straightforward process.

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